Pictures are only a representation of Jacks. Each one is made to order. Please allow 6 weeks for creating and shipping.

Rotten Jack $150
Almost 2 feet high, about 54 inches in diameter, this Rotten Jack will enhance any porch this Halloween! Shipping included.

Fat Boy $100
Fat Boy is a medium sized pumpkin and has proved to be very popular with the social media crowd. Sorry I don't have exact measurements at time of post but he is a perfect size if you ask me. Price includes shipping-

Halloween Harvest Jack $200
This incredible Jack is new to the store. It is a medium sized pumpkin with some special features that make it completely original. In a clearing in a dense wood on our property, rooted scarecrow skeletons grow these awesome Jacks right out of thier hands. A quick lop at the wrist, and one could be yours! Special rotted carcus and the hand still attached to the top, this Jack will get the conversations going at any Halloween gathering!