Welcome to the 'Rotting Vine' where we will pick no pumpkin before its time.

     The Rotting Vine is the home to Steve's pumpkin creations. Each pumpkin is crafted by hand, from scratch. This means that every pumpkin is a 'one-of-a-kind', with hours of love and care that go into the making and creation. Each pumpkin is handled by many hands, as this is the family business, and we have quite the troop. Each one of our 6 kids plays a role in assisting with the build and creation of each pumpkin, making this more than just a design, but this unique creation instantly has life and love.

     Jack-in-a-box is a monthly membership that will infuse your life with exotic, extraordinary and sublime pumpkins each month. Each pumpkin comes with an identity and a care card.

Sign up today and enjoy the magic, and don't forget, share this with those you love by gifting them with a membership so others can share in the joy of the monthly creations.